She was born in Seine et Marne in a small village near the banks of the Marne "Chamigny". There, the brown and hard earth in winter turns into summer blonde waves. A feast for the senses.
So many memories and affections bind me to those years where She got the energy of life from, the desire to create, transform her life by reinventing it every day. Keeping the essence of life, the nectar of endlessness.
A nice story that began in the garden of her father 42 years ago.
So instead of writing here her life journey, She prefer you go with the flow ...
A departure to the south, the Var, when she was 18, the dazzling colors, the big change, the first "real paintings" and Brittany, another complex and beautiful ocean. Between land and sea, garden flowers, colorful ateliers.
Finally comes the first gallery in Pont Aven, then in 1994 the creation of a second one "CHOURLET Gallery" in Paris, 4 Place Des Vosges.
Her  life painting, she still find that happiness and the desire to link this world to the simple poetry of life.
Thereafter we opened two galleries, one in Place Des Vosges and the other in the village of Vence. My life between Brittany, Ile de Ré and Paris led her to Luxembourg where She resided almost 10 years after the creation of a gallery located opposite the Grand Ducal Palace.
These years were full of exhibitions, and "other places" always wonderful, which allowed her to evolve and meet many of you.